It when in advertizing the price is specified one and when you arrived to salon, it appears that it is the price or for the minimum complete set, or already it isn’t present as in a couple of hours there was a car rise in price. You watch closely in what currency the price is specified. Can be so that if the price is specified in dollars or euro, the motor show will put the course in which these dollar and euro in the ratio with hryvnia will be much dearer, than a course in any bank. Don’t deal with such motor shows.

It is, but it isn’t present.

You call, you ask, whether there is such model, you are answered that is and call the price. You joyfully rush in a motor show, you ask to show specifically already to you this model and here you disappoint supposedly such model already isn’t present. But, there are still excellent models such and such, naturally more expensively. Or can simply tell that the price changed, or there was a typographical error … options much. Let’s themselves part, buy that you want, after all the car is not a chocolate.

March 14, 2013 at 3:04 pm by master
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