For receiving a mortgage loan it is necessary to choose Bank which will give out it, and won’t show increased requirements to the borrower of a mortgage.
Not to waste time and forces, it is necessary the demand for receiving a mortgage loan, to give at once and to other banks.
The next moment of registration, obtaining data from informal sources about the sizes of the income which should be provided for receiving the credit is. It is also necessary to know, what documents are necessary for Bank for check and how it carries out it. Then it is necessary to collect it everything and to provide to Bank.
At registration of the credit it is necessary to pay attention to those conditions of Bank which he doesn’t tell, but they exist, and not which observance can cause refusal on delivery of a mortgage loan.
At check by security service, in the questionnaire it is necessary to specify frankly about a criminal record, administrative penalties if those are available.
The minimum length of service on the last place, at credit registration, has to be not less than one year.
The question of education isn’t always actual concerning registration of the monetary credits. If it is the credit for the small sum, these data aren’t necessary but if business concerns big money, without the higher education any Bank won’t give out it.
As it is necessary to consider and that fact that if the borrower works in small, with a small turn of money and as without real estate to firm, he can not count on receiving the credit and a mortgage.

March 12, 2013 at 5:16 pm by master
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