In this category, a car the centers have a set of cunnings and algorithms what “to part” the buyer. Very attentively read the contract, in particular that is written by a small print! ! ! If you aren’t sure, or you feel that something not so, don’t communicate better. For example, you a beret the car on credit, sign the contract, are sure that all issued competently. Signed this credit agreement, brought in cash desk a certain bag of money. And here to you say that such car which you chose now isn’t present available and will offer you another for the same money. But actually, cheaper. When you start showing the disagreement, to you tell the following: “You have two options of succession of events, or you take this car which we offer you, you sign the new contract about purchase and sale, and in 3 months completely you pay all bag. Or you leave poor, leaving money to a motor show. In a concrete example, by a small print in the contract it was written that the paid advance payment to the buyer won’t return to cases of refusal of the purchase and sale contract. Here to you and divorce.

March 12, 2013 at 5:44 pm by master
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