Each country is characterized by a certain cash flow. The capital moves within the country, and also arrives from the outside and is brought out of the country. The part of balance of the state reflects the movements of the capital connected with input and output from the country therefore received the name of balance of movement of the capitals and the credits. The same part of balance contains data on the credits which received or have been given out to other countries, on direct and portfolio investments, on monetary payments (dividends, payments on loans and the credits), arrived from abroad and paid abroad. Receipts are reflected in revenues, outflow of means – respectively, in account part. According to this part of balance it is possible to judge changes in national economy as far as outflow of the capital exceeds inflow of means, what level of investments, what size of the income on the given-out credits and investments, whether the sum of the credits obtained from abroad is overestimated.

January 22, 2013 at 12:00 am by master
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