As showed experiment, increase of a standard of living, in turn promotes growth of a cultural technological level of workers, and from here and to essential increase of labor productivity, and it is only one party I put. The best satisfaction of requirements of the population services of the non-productive sphere preserves strengths of people, allows them to work better on production; improvement of conditions of a life of the scientist or the engineer allows it to concentrate all thoughts on the creative solution of scientific tasks, inventions etc. As a whole it is clear. But deep ideal studying of the mechanism, the return impact of growth of a standard of living on development of a social production is required still better to use opening opportunities. In essence, the task is reduced to development of the main productive force of society — the person. And here the question of improvement of the mechanism of economic incentives of system of material and moral encouragement, pricing system, etc. is especially important. More shortly, it is a question of creation of such conditions under which each worker would be terribly interested in economic successes of society as a whole.

March 12, 2013 at 5:36 pm by master
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